Bariatric Surgery Support Groups

Our bariatric surgery support groups work to support you

When you struggle with your weight, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone. You wrestle with your self-image and self-confidence. You avoid activities you once enjoyed. You try to make lifestyle changes but sometimes feel like nothing will ever work out right, and that no one else understands your pain and frustration.

We understand. Our weight loss surgery support groups ensure you will no longer walk alone.

How do I join a bariatric surgery support group?

Once you complete your bariatric surgery at Barix Clinics, you will be welcomed into an exclusive club -- a community of other patients who, like you, are moving toward a healthy life. Our bariatric surgery support groups focus on celebrating the exciting changes in our members’ lives while providing the compassion, empathy and insight that only your fellow patients can offer.

Friendship fuels our weight loss surgery support groups. You will have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of people through the Barix Clinics Connection website who share the same successes and concerns that you have. You will always have a person to turn to when you want to talk. You will always have a friend who knows how you feel.

You'll be part of other support networks, too. You’ll be invited to attend meetings where you actively participate in uplifting discussions, experiences, recipe exchanges and personal encouragement.

“One of the most important things that this surgery has afforded my my Barix family,” says Joani B., a Barix Clinics patient. “The friendships and bonds I have made through the Barix support boards have made me feel so important and cherished.”

Personal support before and after your surgery

If you visit the Barix Clinics Connection website, you’ll find more than just bariatric surgery support groups. You will discover an entire community dedicated to improving your experience throughout the pre- and post-operation process.

Our confidential social media support groups give you the chance to start or join in conversations about everything from surgery to fitness to staying on track. Our Barix Buddies program helps you to pair up with another person in the same situation as you, allowing the two of you to offer support and encouragement.

You can track down a bariatric surgery support group in your area, or even find the resources to start weight loss surgery support groups of your own.

Wondering how other people have beat their own weight loss problems? Our patient success stories will give you inspiration and motivation -- and there have been many successes! You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter, download healthful tips, read helpful articles and much more.

What to expect after your bariatric surgery

“This surgery is not a magic pill,” notes successful bariatric surgery patient Meghan I. “It’s a tool you can use to help you with a lifestyle change. You have to be willing to do the work, and make the changes.”

Changing the way you’ve approached your life is not an easy process. We’ll give you the online tools and personal relationships that can give you the strength you need. The road ahead may be difficult at times, but it is a happy journey towards health, fitness and a better life.

“The power is still in your hands,” Meghan continues. “It was the best decision I ever made for my health, and for my family. I don’t regret a minute of it. Barix specializes in this procedure, and I would never recommend going anywhere else.”

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