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You will Feel More like a Guest than a Patient

Barix Clinics is the first health care organization dedicated to the treatment of obesity by weight loss surgery including laparoscopic Roux en-y gastric bypass, lap band and the laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure. Barix Clinics is the only organization with a hospital built specifically for the obese patient population

If you’ve experienced life as a severely overweight person, your first visit to Barix Clinics will be a truly memorable one. Everything from the generously-spaced parking and accommodating seating, to the caring staff that welcomes you, is put in place for your comfort and dignity as a Barix patient. We invite you to experience for yourself these and many other advantages at our Barix facility.

As a result of 30 years experience and over 50,000 successful surgeries, Barix has designed its hospital to meet the unique needs of a bariatric patient having weight loss surgery.

Some of the ways our hospitals are unique:

Larger Parking Spaces, Close to the Entrances

Before you even enter the hospital, you will notice the free parking stalls close to the entrance. Our patients and their families tell us they are thankful they do not have a long walk from a crowded parking garage.

Custom Doors

As you enter and move around our facilities, the larger doorways, hallways and open spaces create a welcoming feeling of space and physical freedom for a special community.

Custom-Built Furniture in the Lobbies

The lobby, public spaces, and family areas of Barix Clinics have custom-built bariatric chairs and other furniture designed with your needs in mind. You will find a comfortable and welcoming space for you and your family at Barix Clinics.

Expanded Patient Exam Rooms and Consult Rooms

Everything in the hospital is designed not only to meet the physical needs of the bariatric patient but to provide better care as well. This is another reason why weight loss surgery patients at Barix Clinics have the best outcomes in the US.

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“I think first impressions count for a lot. When I walked into the clinic at Barix, I immediately knew they understood all the challenges of obese people. Everything was designed and sized to make me comfortable. I felt totally respected as an individual.” – Laurie M.

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