Will I receive diet help?

Yes. Lasting weight loss will call for adjustments in your diet, and we’ll guide you through them. Your nutritionist (provided by Barix Clinics at your pre-admission testing) will explain the post-operative diet in detail. You will learn everything about meeting your nutritional needs and adjusting your eating habits for your new life.  You will also receive a personal copy of the Barix Clinics Guide to Good Health, a resource detailing the diet plan with lots of helpful recipes. 

For more helpful weight loss resources you can visit the Barix Connection website (http://barixclinicsstore.com).

On this website you will find our monthly newsletter, an abundance of recipes, and encouraging community support. It’s all part of the Barix Clinics comprehensive patient-focused program.

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Use our BMI calculator to see if you qualify for weight-loss surgery.