Barix Clinics Surgical Center

"The stay at Barix was second to none.  The professionalism and warm hearted nurses was something I'll never forget.  The hospital was so clean and well-organized, the nurses took you for walks and you actually had a chance to get some decent sleep." – Andy K

A Hospital Dedicated to Bariatric Surgery  

Barix Clinics’ facility is designed to meet the needs of the bariatric surgery patient. The first thing that patients notice is the parking lot. The parking spots are extra wide to make getting out of vehicles much easier. Patient parking is right next to the hospital entrance—no long walks through large parking structures. And parking is free.

Inside the hospital, the attention to detail continues with large, sturdy chairs in the lobby. All of the chairs are specially designed for bariatric patients, not just a few large chairs conspicuously placed in a corner. Patient rest rooms and shower facilities have also been designed so every patient can use them comfortably.

Most importantly, patients feel understood, respected and accepted at Barix Clinics. We frequently have patients tell us “I feel comfortable here.”  “The staff really cared for me.” “I didn’t feel like a spectacle.” and “Thank you Barix Clinics.”

"My experience with Barix was the "Finest Kind" from the initial contact, consultation session, pre op testing, surgery, and post op care. Everyone I had contact with was very friendly, helpful and highly professional." – Kevin M

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