Vicki M. - My Story

Gastric Bypass  |  2014

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

Before surgery I was pretty much a couch potato because it hurt to walk, to stand, or to sit anywhere other than my comfy recliner.  I had major difficulty going up and down stairs. The pain and lack of energy from the excess weight prevented me from enjoying my two small grandchildren.  

I couldn’t even hold them on my lap because I didn’t really have a lap with such a large belly. I hated shopping for clothing because nothing ever fit my body shape. I needed a riding shopping cart just to grocery shop. Ordinary tasks had become very difficult. 

Surgery Decision:

A friend of mine who had gastric bypass surgery kept telling me I should check in to it. I checked again with my insurance company and found out that it was now an approved procedure for insurance coverage.  I am a recent breast cancer survivor and realized that life is too short not to live it to the fullest so I decided to have the surgery.

Barix Experience:

Every one I have interacted with at Barix Clinic has been very helpful in guiding me on my journey. It was wonderful to have consultations with the nutritionist before and after surgery. She made phone calls following surgery to see if I had any questions and to make sure I was meeting my protein and nutritional goals. She made suggestions for items to eat for each stage following surgery. 

Life After Surgery:

Now I have so much more energy.  One goal I had set for myself when I decided to have surgery was to walk in a breast cancer walk.  I achieved that goal this October!

I love shopping now.  I'm always surprised when size small fits!  I feel more confident and outgoing.  People sometimes don't recognize me right away.  I'm looking forward to attending events now and can't wait for the grandbabies to start their sporting events so I can be there cheering on the sidelines.

Tell Someone Considering Barix:

If you're considering it, talk to people who have had it. I know I wish I could have had it done many years ago.  I feel like I missed out on so much but I am trying to make up for it now.  It's never too late!

I know it was the best decision I could have made for myself and my family.

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