Marie E. - My Story

Gastric Bypass  |  2009

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

My life was HARD--I am a paramedic and began having difficulty caring for the patients I was called to help, because of limitations due to my weight. I couldn't crawl inside cars when someone had been in an accident. I became short of breath with exertion.

My back hurt constantly. I was tired all of the time. I was really unhappy with myself.

Making the Decision

I had been telling myself for about 5 years that I would do it if I had not reached my goal weight by the time I turned 40. After I turned 42, I truly believe that God gave me the extra nudge that I needed to do it.

My Experience With Barix Clinics

It has been wonderful. Before I had the surgery, I did a lot of research. My surgeon had some of the best statistics out there, and he made me feel at ease. Right before we went into the operating room, he asked if he could pray with me. Any jitters I had were gone. The staff at the hospital, and afterward at the office in Holland, has always been encouraging, kind, willing to answer questions and to give helpful tips and advice. Dr. Schram has told me more than once how proud he is of me and my success. I am so grateful to everyone.

How My Life Has Changed

I can do so much more now--I walk 3 miles a day, and just finished my first 5k.  I even came in 6th out of 12 for my age group! I swim. I shop in the "normal people" section of the clothing store--I'm a size 12 and I've never been a size 12 in my adult life. I was a 26 before the surgery and embarrassed to wear short sleeves. And I didn't even think about going out in a bathing suit. Men show an interest in me that they didn't show before.  I see them turn their heads, and when I look behind me to see who they are looking at, I realize it's me! I went to my class reunion and everyone was blown away! I can do more with my family. My overall quality of life has improved tremendously.

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery

DO IT!! If I had known how it was going to change my life, I would have done it in my 20's. I know it may be frightening at first, but I've looked into the eyes of overweight people my age having a heart attack, and it doesn't even compare. The pain was minimal, and by the time I went home I was just getting by with Tylenol. DON'T WAIT!!

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