Janice F - My Story

Gastric Sleeve   |  2014

My Life Before Surgery

My weight had taken a physical and emotional toll on me. I had diabetes and took both oral medication and insulin. I had asthma which required oral medication, an inhaler and regular nebulizer treatments. I required a pain pump to control the constant pain associated with chronic pancreatitis.  I had a hard time climbing stairs.

I was ashamed of myself and didn’t want to be in photos, attend functions for my husband’s work, or meet new people.

I tried every diet out there and joined several gyms without success. 

Surgery Decision:

I was afraid of having surgery. When my sister, brother, and sister-in law had bariatric surgery and I saw how well they did, I just knew I had to do it for myself as well.

Barix Experience:

My surgeon is an exceptional doctor. He explained every step to me and always asked me if I had any questions for him. The nurses were great as well. Even the front desk receptionist was unbelievable.  I was very impressed.  

Life After Surgery:

I am happy now!  I found that I love going to Curves—the more I go, the more I want to go. Last year I was in Brazil for four months and it was a four mile walk to Curves. I was sweaty before I even got there, but that didn’t stop me.  

My life has changed 1000%.  I no longer go to the "big girl’s stores" for my clothes, I am proud if myself, and my family is proud of me.

Tell someone considering Barix:

Don't wait a minute longer, in the end your life will be more active, you will be proud to walk into a room full of people, and YOU will be proud of yourself and of the new person you have become.

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