Cathy D. - My Story

Gastric Bypass  |  2010

My Life Before Bariatric Surgery

Before my surgery life was nothing but pain and more pain. I quit working full time because it hurt to stand on my feet for 8 hours. I couldn't even go for a walk around the block without pain.  There were times when I didn't even know if I would make it back home after leaving on a walk.

I hated going swimming in public and hated buying clothes. My life was hopeless.

Making the Decision

After meeting with my surgeon at Barix Clinics, and listening to what he could do to help me have a better quality of life, my mind was made up.  I knew this was what I really wanted to do for myself and my family.

My Barix Clinics Experience

I felt so much warmth just walking into Barix. I knew I was in good hands. The doctors and staff were (and still are) wonderful. I never felt like I was in better hands to care for me than when I was there. I met a great guy while waiting for surgery – that would be Aster. He made me feel relaxed, and he took very good care of me until my surgeon came in to talk to me.  Aster was a happy, upbeat man who knew just the right things to say and do to make me less worried about the surgery. Thanks, Aster. You are an asset to Barix.

Thanks to you all for helping me with getting me to where I am today.

How My Life Has Changed

Now one year later I feel like a new person.  I have lost almost half of me this year.  I’ve got no more meds for diabetes or high blood pressure; no pain from just walking.  I can go swimming in public now.  I can run and play with my grandson and not worry about what he will grow up hearing from his friends about my weight.  I hated myself before but now I can look in a mirror and be proud of what I have done with that tool Dr. Pop gave me.

To Those Considering Bariatric Surgery

It is the best thing you can do for yourself. Looking back I wish I had done this years ago.  Don't make the same mistake I did and wait. You won't have any regrets.

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